Sales and Leasing Advisory Services

For the last three decades we have traded several types of aircrafts, with agreements of direct purchase, dry or wet lease and even in a contract of brokerage. Each aircraft has its own history.

In Bellavia we have the expertise to “explore” this history doing a complete Pre-Buying Inspection for our clients including aircraft’s technical survey, aircraft remaining components, certification, logbooks investigation and aircraft’s value vs price evaluation. If required, one of our pilots may perform a demonstration flight for the potential buyer or seller.

In addition, Bellavia is authorized to sell and purchase aircrafts, granting us the “know how” to protect our clients from a disadvantageous deal or help them to sell their asset in a “win-to-win” agreement.

Bellavia Ltd. Aviation Advisory and Consulting Services may assist you:

  • To evaluate and choose the proper aircraft which will best perform your potential project or operation (for individual and company or private and public sector)
  • To evaluate technical status for the aircraft of your choice
  • To assist with regulatory procedures and customs requirements for any aircraft Import or Export
  • To advise you with Insurance Provisions and support your Aircraft with Insurance Management
  • To interact and comply with all Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements on your behalf.
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