"More than just a flight"

What a helicopter can do?

Introducing the unparalleled capabilities of a rotorcraft to the Greek Market Bellavia Aviation Services performs every operation a helicopter can do.

With more than:

  • 3,500 flight hours in fertilizing and mosquito spraying
  • 1,500 flight hours in Live Line Washing Insulator Strings
  • 1,200 flight hours in aerial filming – photography
  • 1,000 flight hours in Aerial Power Lines and Gas Pipeline Inspection
  • 300 flight hours in LiDAR and mapping
  • 122 Helicopter Internal and External-Sling Load Missions
  • 300 Airplane Cargo Missions
  • 500 Air Ambulance Missions
  • 5 Air Medical and Filming Car Rallies Support
  • 72 Aircrafts maintained, refurbished and repaired
  • 255 different destinations explored all over Greece, in fixed wing and helicopter charter with more 40,000 Flight Hours flown

We continue the quest of the Aviation Dream trying our best to share the extraordinary flight experience!

Helicopter Rental - Charter Flights

Discover Greece

  • Air transfer to passengers who are searching for safe and fast transportation
  • Variety of fleet, providing tailor made solutions
  • VIP air transfer with speed and privacy
  • Sightseeing tours in winter and summer destinations
  • News covering for radio and TV stations
  • Events and special occasion’s coverage (weddings, concerts etc)
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Bell429, Bell407, Bell 505 and Bell206

Aerial Work - Specialized Operations

Discover the Capabilities of the Helicopter
BELLAVIA BELL 206 Helicopter Aerial Filming and Photography

Helicopter Aerial Filming and Photography

Bellavia Aviation Services is the leader in helicopter aerial filming and aerial photography, and constitutes the most experienced Aviation Company in Greece with more than 1,200 hours performed with several types of helicopters.
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Power Lines, Live-Line Insulator Strings Washing and Maintenance

Bellavia is the EU representative and authorized licensed holder of the USA Airmobile Ins-A-Wash system.
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Aerial Survey, Inspection and Patrol

Helicopter Aerial Survey could be essential for governmental or private sector in any field.
Helicopter Aerial Inspection and Patrol of Power Transmission lines and Gas Pipeline is one of the most important operation Bellavia is assigned with.
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Bellavia Aerial Survey, Inspection and Patrol
BELLAVIA Helicopter Sling Operation External loads

Helicopter External Sling Load Operation (HESLO)

A quite unique feature of a helicopter compared to any other aircraft, is the ability to transport many different types of loads suspended from a cargo hook.
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Agricultural Spraying and Fertilizing

Helicopter agricultural spraying and fertilizing is an extremely cost-effective Specialized Operation of chemical application.
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Helicopter Continuous Airworthiness Management & Maintenance

Our personnel. The power within!

Bellavia’s personnel continuous training and familiarization with new technologies and maintenance practices combined with our global aviation partners’ network is to serve you and your aircraft with high quality services, cost-efficiently, safe and in a timely manner.

Engineers in maintenance


  • Bellavia has always been efficient, punctual and courteous whilst performing their contractual obligations. A great operator to work on specialized operations projects.
    Ted Marker
    Photography Director
  • Bellavia Team literally went above and beyond every expectation. Our clients visiting Greece are in the best hands and receive the service they are looking for.
    Ekaterina Chatzithanou
    Viewsky Events
  • With Bellavia I had a strong and trustworthy partner for various film flight projects. Experienced pilots, technicians and reliable helicopters are the hallmarks of Bellavia. Looking forward to work with them again.' 
    Stefan Urmann
    Aerial Camera Operator

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