BELL 206 Ball-green-field

Aerial Filming and Photography

Bellavia Aviation Services is the leader in aerial filming in Greece and constitutes the most experienced Aviation Company in Hellas with more than 1,200 hours of aerial filming and photography. We are proud to include some of the elite photographers, production companies and personnel in the entertainment industry in our cooperations.

Our company’s filming and photo shooting procedures are approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) and we have trained a considerable number of Task Specialists to co-operate with our highly skilled pilots for the optimum result. Furthermore, our colleagues, producers, camera operators and photographers have trained our team granting us more than 20 years of successful aerial filming & photography projects completion, delivered to our clients in the highest quality standards and results.

Always synchronized with the latest technology advances, we offer our services all over Greece and neighboring countries, as well as in Europe, from a hand-held camera to a broad range of multi camera array adjusted to the helicopter’s nose for outcomes of the highest quality possible.

Although drones and UAVs are widely used under the Aviation aerial filming certification process and advance, be confident that the image range, depth, and quality from a camera mounted on a helicopter shall always be incompetent in perspective and outcome!

We have used a broad range of professional cameras, including ARRI ALEXA Mini, RED Dragon, along with the latest stabilized system technology, such as the SHOTOVER F1, G1 and Cineflex /GSS and many more. Bellavia may provide its own camera mounting system approved for installation on our helicopters.

We help you create thrilling shootings! Fly! Shoot! Create!

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