Bell 429 and Bell 505 on the sky

Business, VIP & Leisure Helicopter Charter Flights

For Bellavia, helicopter transport in privacy, safety and speed is not a privilege, but a first-priority service.
VIP business leisure helicopter flight
Our Company can serve your transportation needs either in business or leisure, ensuring that you will access your destination, even if located in remote or mountainous areas, or even if we have to fly over giant water expanses.

Time is always a considerable factor, and helicopters facilitate your effective time management in a clever and exciting way!

Select a helicopter most suitable to your priorities from our fleet and reach your destination in safety and speed. 
Our team is committed to assist you in organizing your charter flight maintaining the highest levels of discretion and privacy. We provide the flexibility to arrange your trip for business or vacations, even with multiple stops or helicopter stand-by for you, saving you time and way.

In Bellavia we are experienced and quite creative to assist you with the arrangements of unforgettable life events. Our professional staff shall manage, coordinate, and supervise preparations of any kind of event, from wedding proposals on board, bride or couple’s arrival in church yards, “heli-portable” passengers in ceremonies of joy, to corporate events and parties.

We can land in heliports or specifically organized Landing Zones

Business-helicopter on yacht

Business Flights

Manage time, one of your most valuable assets, with accuracy, comfort, and prestige. Travel fast and safely with Bellavia in half a day’s time even to the most distant or difficult to access destinations choosing from our helicopter fleet. Expand your communication, meet your partners, impress your visitors, send exceptional mail or cargo, make time your ally to development and success!
Helicopter with people

Special Events

Organize your party or any other special event on a different scale and let us enhance the magic by transporting your guests in a few minutes time to the most exciting places you choose, and of course special catering and equipment supporting your event.

Wedding Ceremonies

A picturesque Greek island or any other magnificent destination ideal for your wedding ceremony, with Bellavia aerial transport services distance ceases to be a deterrent. Live your dream wedding and let us fly you to happiness, fast and safely, shower you and your guests with flowers, and share your life moments with all your beloved who can fly with us.

We fly your plans further!

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