Live Line Washing Bellavia

Live Line Washing

Bellavia Ltd. is an authorized licensed holder of the USA Airmobile Ins-A-Wash system.

This is an advanced technology and sophisticated system capable to wash power lines insulator strings without compromising safety, in a very fast, proceeding operation providing excellent results.

Our Ins-A-Wash® system consists of:

  • a 30-foot long aluminum articulating boom assembly, providing excellent maneuverability for the operator (120° horizontal max, 65° vertical)
  • tripod assembly
  • gasoline engine and high-pressure water pump assembly (800-900 PSI)

With more than 1,500 hours of Live Line Washing Insulator strings we offer our services for Power Companies or Private Contractors and guarantee optimum results.

Safety, effectivity, and speed are your essential requirements, which we meet with commitment.

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