BELL 505

BELL 429 (5B-CLS)


The “Quality Factor”

The Bell 407 is a single-engine, four-bladed with a soft-in-plane designed rotor with composite hub, civil utility helicopter.

The blades and hub use composite construction providing better performance and the most comfortable, smooth and quality ride for its passengers. The 407's fuselage with its increased internal cabin space, and large main cabin windows provides the passengers an amazing outside view and comfort.

Equipped with the powerful Rolls-Royce/Allison 250-C47 turboshaft Engine the B407 is the fastest single engine helicopter produced.

Speed and flight “behavior” are the strongest characteristics of this rotorcraft, granting it the capability to transport 5 or 6 persons to their destination very fast, with advanced flight quality and with the highest safety standards.

BELL 206 JetRangers (SX-HLL & SX-HCZ)

The "Best Seller"

The Bell 206 is a light, single-engine, single-pilot utility helicopter with exceptional flying characteristics in respect of maneuverability, flexibility and quality of flight. Its extraordinary flying characteristics allows this rotorcraft to take-off and land almost everywhere, capable to get airborne equal to "military readiness". The semi-rigid twin-bladed Main Rotor produces the most amazing sound, providing the feeling of stability and strength. Equipped with 1 Rolls Royce M250-C20 engine the Bell 206B3 holds the lead among all civil helicopters produced, with the best ratio in flight hours VS accidents. With 8,460 pieces sold all over the world, which makes it the best seller civil helicopter worldwide, JetRanger consists the most reliable, safest and most recognizable Helicopter worldwide.

EC-120B Colibri (SX-HZS)

The "Spacious"

The EC-120 is a light, single-engine, single-pilot utility helicopter with the most spacious cabin and luggage compartment in its category. The smallest member of Airbus Helicopters consist a safe, reliable and tested choice to operate with. The features of 3-bladed Speriflex Main Rotor Head, the 8-bladed fenestron anti-torque Tail Rotor and the crash-resistant fuel system complete helicopter’s advanced levels of safety. Fenestron Technology has been partially credited EC-120 with a noise signature of less than 7 decibels, which in combination with energy-attenuating main structure and energy-absorbent seats for all passengers on board provide a smooth and the most “noise free” flight of its category. Equipped with 1 Safran Arrius2F engine the Colibri is a fast and comfortable helicopter for business or private flights.