Bell 505 JetRanger X (SX-HLY)

The “Youngster”

Bellavia team is proud to introduce the first Bell 505 in the Hellenic Aviation Market. The operation of Bell’s Short Light Single, first in Greece is another challenge.

Manufactured in 2022, Bellavia induced under our AOC the Bell 505, the most technologically advanced single engine helicopter ever produced. 

50 Years of experience, continuing the Best Seller B206 Legacy, a powerful dual-FADEC engine, a strong and tested transmission system, B429 main gearbox mounting technology, high level integrated avionics and full glass cockpit constitute parameters that guarantee Bell Helicopters to conquer the “singles” market.

The panoramic view provided by the large windows, spacious & high cabin grants the B505 a wonderful helicopter for sightseeing and comfortable charter flights.

Technical Specifications:
• Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter Textron
• Engine: 1 x Safran Arrius 2R (Turboshaft-505shp)
• Equipment: Low Skid Emergency Flotation System, Flight Crew & Passenger Headsets, High Quality Leather Interior, full glass cockpit
• Capacity: 1 Pilot and 4 Passengers or 2 Pilots and 3 Passengers
• Cruise Speed: 110Knots/h (202Km/h)
• Range: 333Nm (617Km) depends on helicopter load
• Maximum take-off weight: 
• Baggage Compartment Dimensions: 18ft3/0.5m3



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