About us

It was 1992 when the first Greek licensed civilian helicopter engineer Konstantinos Belesiotis decided to enrich the helicopter commercial aviation market with his experience and qualifications. Thus, he challenged his sons Panagiotis, a second-generation helicopter engineer and Michael to share his vision and establish the first family Aviation Company in Greece; Bellavia Aviation Services was founded.

Quite soon, Bell 47, Hiller UH12 and Bell 206 “The JetRanger” started to fly in the Greek blue sky, providing exceptional key-services in various fields of production, creation, and well-being: Fertilizing, Aerial Filming and Photography, Aerial Spray, Advertising, and pleasure flights.

Bellavia Aviation Services, one of the first initially established Hellenic Aviation Companies, always advances in cutting-edge technology and safety standards. Granted with an AOC, including two fixed-wing (airplanes) in year 2000 to accompany the helicopter Specialized Operations (known as Aerial Works). Bellavia in the new century continues to evolve in helicopter operations, including Commercial Air Transport, high quality maintenance services and having its principal structure supported by a well-organized management system.

As we expand our family business, we are proud to continue the legacy of our company founder, an aviation pioneer, always an inspiration to our team: Konstantinos Belesiotis, a third generation Helicopter Engineer, Rania Belesioti, Company’s Accountable Manager, and Bellavia’s co-founder Panagiotis Belesiotis.

Is it safe to fly?

Bellavia meets all supreme safety standards of the Hellenic Aviation Industry. We are committed to ensure the safest operation possible, satisfying requirements of authorities as well as our customers’ expectations.  Our philosophy is to maintain a company financially stable, proactive, safe, and successfully focused on business continuity and the highest quality standards.

Look up in the sky! 

Spontaneous as children, we all raise our gaze in the sky when the strong, roaring sound of a helicopter seems close to our apartment or yard.

In Bellavia we are privileged to "lower our heads" and work hard for the helicopter of your choice to operate in excellence and assist you to perform your project, mission or flight easier, safer, and faster; to provide you with tailor-made services for your business needs or holidays in the most secure, cost-effective, and reliable manner; to fly you over someone’s yard.

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